• having an extremely plain and simple style or appearance; unadorned

Time is such a funny thing, it slips away and before you know it’s December! I feel bad I haven’t updated this in awhile. I have lots of exciting news to share though! When I returned from Maui I decided on a whim to apply to the University of Hawaii.. and I was accepted! Cue mad dash to get the necessary vaccinations, find housing, take care of all the paperwork and register for classes. I’m moving to Hawaii! It’s finally starting to sink in, and to be honest I’m just as nervous as I am excited. I know it’s going to be good for me, life has a way of handing you exactly what you need if you’re open to it.

I know harsh light is generally a no-no, however I’m fascinated by the contrast and shadows. There was a period of time it composed all I wanted to shoot! Here’s an interesting set with photographer Miko Muse who was game to jump on my bandwagon. Miko did the styling, I did my own hair and makeup as usual!

One thought on “Austere

  1. The high contrast is interesting. With your dress there is a camouflaged effect which adds to the spotted shadows. I like how your dress floats on top of the water too…interesting result.

    Go get ’em in Hawaii. Such an amazing place. You’ll find some gorgeous tropical settings to photograph. Aloha!


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