Funny thing.. I used to like the idea of the beach a lot more than I liked the actual beach. Although I was a swimmer for 12 years growing up, I grew up in a pool, free from nasty currents and pesky sand. I think it was the sand I had the greatest aversion to, sand is a struggle to walk on, it gets in your lens, your shoes, your lady parts, your hair, your lunch, etc. Fresh out of high school, I moved south from the country to a small California beach town called Monterey. Interestingly enough, it was here I actually fell in love with the beach. &now look at me, my poor feet would kill for some sand here on the Big Island!

Speaking of, here’s an old set from a cold and rainy day with Grace Chung and Jon Batario weraing a dress I bought on Maui as a kid.

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